Welcome to ‘Follow Your Paths’ Professional Life Coaching

What keeps you going isn’t some fine destination but just the road you’re on, and the fact that you know how to drive.

– Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

Find Your Path

All the segments of your life are weaved together to encompass your entire journey. The choices you make throughout this journey define who you are and how you will choose to be successful and happy.

‘Follow Your Paths’ is Here to Help

Sometimes there may be a fork in the road, you may get to a T-junction, there may be an obstacle or a roadblock in your way. You may feel confused, not sure what to do … but do not despair, you have the right answer within you. You just need someone to guide you; someone who will be there to listen;   and to reflect on what you are saying.

Providing Passionate and Professional Life Coaching

As a Certified Life Coach with a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Education, I am passionate about being that source of support to help you find the right answers for your life and your children’s lives. Follow Your Paths Life Coaching, offers a variety of options for adults and children to help you make the right choices that will remove that feeling of “being stuck” and help you to transition along the path. Our work together will focus on helping you to find the right path.

As a Certified WISDOM Coach™ my goal is to transform the way children see themselves and what is possible for their lives. Follow Your Paths Life Coaching will work with children to recognize their uniqueness, help them to become empowered and to create an extraordinary life irrespective of their circumstances.

Now is the time for you to start taking charge of your life and realize that you are capable of making the right decisions. Are you ready?